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Jefferson Township, PA


As an art educator, I base my graphic design work and digital photography with the intent to document, please and educate.

I am where I am today through the admiration of my teacherís support, their best teaching techniques and the knowledge I have obtained through my own teaching experiences. Having experience as an art educator and martial arts instructor have developed my own design and teaching philosophies.

I have always been intrigued by the natural world. As a child I spent many summers on my grandparentís farm. I truly cherish the times I had with my grandparents and aunt, although I did not have this appreciation as a child. My fiancť has opened my eyes through his passion of being a dairy farmer and being happy and grateful for what you have.

Therefore I strive to communicate through my design and photography the uniqueness of nature, value what is around you and to stay simple. I enjoy capturing the elements in nature such as pattern, textures, organic forms and muted colors.

For example in my work of ďDo You See What I SeeĒ is intended to communicate the humorous personalities of dairy calves, their interactions amongst each other and the patterns/textures created with their bodies and environment. Those who may not know much about these animals can reflect on how intriguing and important these animals are and return learn a new appreciation for the animal and or the elements nature has to offer. Others who have had interactions with these animals can relate.

If it was not for every single one of my family members passion to create I would not be who I am today.

All my images are copyrighted. © All rights Reserved. Copying, altering, displaying or redistribution of any of these images without written consent from the artist is strictly prohibited.


Per il mio figlio by Joseph Summa


Quaint Afternoon by Joseph Summa


Summer Falls by Joseph Summa


Birch Mountains by Joseph Summa


Mystic Fall by Joseph Summa


Quietude by Joseph Summa


Memories of the Past by Joseph Summa


Serenity by Joseph Summa


Cabin by the Falls by Joseph Summa


Mountain Lake by Joseph Summa


Twin Waterfalls by Joseph Summa


Dueling Lakes by Joseph Summa


Winter Farm by Joseph Summa


Faccino by Joseph Summa


Frosty Morning by Joseph Summa


The Heavens by Danielle Summa


Salvia Grace by Danielle Summa


Oxen eye by Danielle Summa


Oxen by Danielle Summa


line dancing by Danielle Summa


Gwendolyn by Danielle Summa


Zoey and Matilda by Danielle Summa


Cousins by Danielle Summa


Way back when by Danielle Summa


Watch Dog by Danielle Summa


In memory of my Poppy by Danielle Summa


Yatsonsky04 by Danielle Summa


Dreary Cowboy by Danielle Summa


Perspective by Danielle Summa


I nose you by Danielle Summa


Milkweed I by Danielle Summa


Milkweed II by Danielle Summa


Lost by Danielle Summa


Milkweed II by Danielle Summa


Grandpa by Danielle Summa


Goldenrod Autumn by Danielle Summa


George by Danielle Summa


Goldenrod in the fall by Danielle Summa


Gabriella by Danielle Summa


Fishing with Grandma by Danielle Summa


Faith by Danielle Summa


Bronson's Pond by Danielle Summa


Better Half by Danielle Summa


Fall is in the Air by Danielle Summa


Kirwan Court by Danielle Summa


Hill of Tara by Danielle Summa


Bunratty Tea by Danielle Summa


Lades View Meadow by Danielle Summa